View on the situation in Ukraine

Letter from our Ukrainian branch

Dear friends from all over the world,
Some of you are following the situation about Ukraine in media. There is different information in the different sources, but as Ukrainian citizen I want to deliver a truth for your minds and hearts.
The truth is next. The Association with EU gave as a hope for changes, transparent business and politics, European laws and values. The rejection of the Association was only a starting point, kick off for revolution and changes. Maydan doesn’t stand for NATO, Europe or USA, neither for Bandera, Klitschko, Poroshenko or Tymoshenko.
Ukrainian nation is tired of illegality, corruption, and inertia and violence of authorities, kickbacks, stupid laws which violates human rights and freedoms. People in Kyiv and many other cities don’t know where they go, what will happen tomorrow with them, their families, friends and colleagues but they can’t suffer anymore. They are tired and fed up of all this shit.
Unfortunately, we don’t have strong enough leaders in opposition who can change the situation in civilized way; the current opposition is scared and threatened. It is a horrible and twisted situation when we have people on the streets and leaders lie in an ambush. That’s why Ukrainians are taking by storm regional authorities in different regions, fighting on the barricades in Kyiv, joining the protest marches, and spreading the information about situation. We need a strong and honest leader to take care about the country.
Today, Council of National Safety is discussing an announcement of “State of emergency” which means prohibition of movement on the territory of Ukraine, internet access, meetings, protests and any other events, as well as many other limits. We have a war here, no jokes.
I just want to add that work of NGO also was affected by new law “About civil association” which was adopted on 16th of January, 2014 together with other antidemocratic laws. According to this law all civil associations (including NGO) which receive money or any other assets from foreign countries or their bodies, foreign or international NGOs, as well as foreign citizens, function as an international agents. Every month international agents should submit all bookkeeping about incomes and expenses of finances and property, plan of expenses and information about staff to the special authorities.
I am asking for your support in spreading the word about current situation in Ukraine among your members, friends, whatever people you know.

Please support our fight for democracy and dignified future.
Ukrainian branch of SCI - SVIT-Ukraine