First FLOOD RELIEF workcamp

VCV Serbia

The workcamp will take place from the 13th to 26th of July in Krupanj. Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina, in cooperation with Youth office in Krupanj, is inviting you to apply now:

RS-SCI 3.1 Floodrelief – Krupanj (13th -26th July 2014)

In a devastating natural disaster that occurred in The Balkans in May this year, among other areas, the municipality Krupanj was extremely damaged and announced state of emergency on 14th of May. Due to heavy rain showers all rivers in this municipality flooded the area and water took everything in front of it. The result was big number of landslides and mudslides, while the 50% off central part of Krupanj municipality was under the water. Housing units, bridges and roads are all damaged. Two people lost their lives while many had to be evacuated.

The Balkans are being hit by the worst disaster since the war, many even claim that the floods in the Balkans are more damaging than the war. It has been a real tragedy, but numbers really do not matter. Many people lost their lives, many have not been found yet, many lost their homes, many lost their animals, and much has been lost. This flood has brought up on the surface hidden injustice and threats people are facing. It is related to climate change, but not only that. Although, we are aware that impacts of fossil-fuel based economy are devastating for the climate of the planet, upon which stability we all depend, for most people it remains abstract till it comes to your place. Not long ago, Philippines were hit by the strongest typhoon ever, Ireland and UK by the super-storm, Slovenia and Croatia faced ice-rain which destroyed half of the forests, the Balkans are experiencing the worst natural disaster ever and yet, it’s not easy to connect the dots.

This flood is an opportunity for all of us. To rebuild homes, but also to rebuild connections among people, and between people and nature. We can feel the power of solidarity all the time and this will be our main goal in the coming months.

Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina (SCI Serbia) will be organizing relief workcamps, in order to rebuild homes, but also to rebuild connections among people, and between people and nature. We, all of us, will have to be prepared to respond directly or in solidarity to more events like floods, droughts, extremes. You and us are the example that it’s possible to build another world, by reshaping the existing one.
Peace, love and justice!

VCV team

This workcamp is supported by: SAVA (SCI working group) small project fund, SCI Switzerland and Balkan Buro, Netherlands