"Picturing the Global South" - Neues Toolkit ist verfügbar

Das Toolkit "Picturing the Global South" wurde aktualisiert und die neue Version ist ab sofort verfügbar:


Das Toolkit wirft einen kritischen Blick auf Freiwilligenarbeit/Volunteering im sogenannten "Globalen Süden", thematisiert u.a. (Neo-)Kolonialismus, Volontourismus und die Motivation der Freiwilligen im Nord-Süd-Programm.

Das Toolkit enthält viele praktische Tipps und Methoden für Workshops und Seminare.

Viel Spass bei der Lektüre!

*This toolkit is the outcome of three seminars: 1. “Picturing the Global South: The Power Behind Good Intentions”, which took place in Vienna (Austria) from November 14-21, 2015. 2. “Los Otros: How to prepare young people to deal with their own stereotypes”, which took place in Madrid (Spain) from October 30-November 5, 2016. 3. “The bigger picture: NFE for a global perspective”, which took place in Vienna from February 8-13, 2018. This 3rd edition of the toolkit is based on the
contributions and feedback received at the 2018 tool fair in Vienna and was published by SCI Austria (http://www.sci.or.at) in June 2018, based on contributions from the previous versions in collaboration with SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators (http://pooloftrainers.sciint.org/) and SCI Madrid (http://ongsci.org/).

Editors: Valerie Weidinger, Thomas Schallhart.
All seminars and the toolkit were financed by: Erasmus+