Séminaire pour campcoordinators en Suède

17th-21st of April in Stockholm, Sweden

How can you contribute to a peaceful world as a camp leader? How can you find inner peace? How can you contribute to your own needs as well as to the needs of volunteers and the host organization?

During “Peace Facilitator”, we will have a nonviolent communication part where we will explore a way to communicate characterized by love, understanding and respect. We will look to our own needs, the needs from volunteers and the host organization. We will also have a more practical part where you get the chance how you can create a workcamp that contributes to a culture of peace.

This training is open to anyone interested to become a camp leader living in Europe and is able to travel to Stockholm, Sweden with environmentally friendly means of transport like bus, train or boat.

When: 17th to 21st of April 2014

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

For whom: We are able to welcome 19 participants to the event, about half of you travelling from abroad. We wish that you as participants are interested in exploring nonviolent communication as a way of making peace and contribute towards it as camp leaders within your organization. If you live in Sweden and are a bit curious about IAL, you are also most welcome to this event!

Cost: 300 SEK=37 euro (covering the training, food and accommodation).

Travel reimbursement: A travel reimbursement of 70 % for environmentally friendly means of transport (boat, bus or train) only.

Want to join? You can download the Application form

Send the application form to your SCI branch (info@scich.org) Your branch will after selection of maximum 3 applications forward them to IAL Sweden who will make the final selection.

Deadline for application: 28th of Februar to info@scich.org

If we have free spaces after the 6th of March we will accept participants continuously until the seminar is full.

Questions? Please send an e-mail to ialseminars@gmail.com !

We very much hope to meet you in Stockholm during Easter!