Call for participants: Refresh the Climate & Rewrite the Future in Berlin

SCI Germany invites young people from Central Europe to take part in a 10-days workshop in Berlin from 24th of August to 2nd of September. The aim is to discover ways of organizing communities in a sustainable way and change the way we talk about climate change and solutions.

Study themes of the seminar include: De-growth and transition town movements, strong sustainability, alternative ways of living, cross-cutting issue ideology (capitalism)/environmental, urban gardening, permaculture, renewable energy, inner transition, local food system and cooking.

Requirements for participation:

  1. You are coming from the Central European Region (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, France, Sweden, Finland, Poland)
  2. You are at least 18 and not more than 30 years old (but few exceptions for over 30 are possible)
  3. You have been active in SCI or like minded organizations in climate/environment justice or similar topics
  4. you are willing to travel by land
  5. you are willing to share living space and responsibilities with other participants
  6. willing to be fully involved in an 10-days long intensive program
  7. media and new technologies skills are welcome (for writing blogs and making short videos

Find out more and send your application by the 30th of July here.

Refresh the Climate & Rewrite the Future in Berlin Refresh the Climate & Rewrite the Future in Berlin Ilie Tomulescu