Formazione "Performing Multiculturalism"

Applied Drama as an Educational Tool in Teaching Anti-discrimination and Tolerance

From 27.06.-03.07.2014, in Ljubljana-Slovenia (7 days plus travel days).

Deadline for registration is the 30th of May.

The idea of the project is to bring theatre into pedagogical process in the field of anti-discrimination, multicultural and human-rights education for youth. It is a project from and for youths based on the advantages of empirical learning with the tools of participatory theatre on the topics of multiculturalism, tolerance and cultural diversity. Apart from raising tolerance and deepening multicultural understanding on the basis of personal experiences, youngsters together with socially excluded groups create new narratives, stress cultural stereotypes and break their own prejudices. The main focus of the project is on mutual intercultural dialog and promotion of the positive and empirical experiences, when personally and through art discovering new and different cultures that may help to fight against discrimination toward foreigners on the basis of their cultural, religious, and ethnic or other group identities. Participants will be engaged into 7-days training course on applied drama, including youth workers and youth coming from excluded social groups, minorities and youth with lesser opportunities that will be wrapped up into final performance, enabling students to practice & experience the methods under the support of tutors. In the follow-up phase, participants will be invited and supported to realize performances in local environments.

In order to spend active and effective training course, we prepared infosheet, including a description of the programme, information on travelling and lodging, process of the reimbursment and training’s schedule – you can find it here.

Application procedure: Interested SCI members are welcome to apply following the link. If you apply, please inform us: