Inondazioni nei Balcani - concerto di beneficenza

The SCI branches in Serbia and Croatia asked us for our support to organize local help after the floods in Bosnia and Herzegowina, Croatia and Serbia. Therefore, Sabahet our new EVS volunteer from Kosovo, organized a charity concert at the Café Kairo in Bern. The band Groove Doc and the DJ's from Stepaz Sound played for free.

If you missed the concert and still want to support the Volunteer's Center Zagreb and VCV Serbia you can make a donation with the note "Balkan floods" to the SCI Switzerland Postkonto 80-33387-4.

Extract from a report by Milica, Sonja and Ernest on behalf of VCV Serbia
“At the moment, VCV Serbia is building a local database of volunteers who expressed interest to help in various activities that occur in Novi Sad and the flooded areas including:
- cleaning activities in Vojvodinian villages on the Danube that were affected in the recent days
- supporting and welcoming evacuated population in the Sports Centre in Novi Sad
- classification and delivery of aid to the Red Cross, that was collected in SCI Serbia's office
- planning and organising a flood relief benefit concert
- And of course, continuous help and back up at the office itself and working with VCV Serbia's activists.

VCV Serbia is currently coordinating all these activities and is in continuous contact with the volunteers and also with various actors in the relief activities - Red Cross, numerous crisis teams (local, regional,...), youth offices, bands, musicians and more. All the areas that are stricken by floods at the moment will require major physical reconstruction, as well as cleaning and more. At the same time, people who were evacuated and lost their belongings are going and will be going through tough times in terms of psychological recovery.

The plan is to set up workcamp type projects in the region (including Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) that will deal with various types of work - reconstruction, cleaning, support and activities for children.
The activities are planned in cooperation with Volunteers' Centre Zagreb (VCZ) and with regional support of other SCI branches, making these activities proper SCI projects, bringing regional and international volunteers together, working in the region and more. (find the complete report on > Balkan floods).”

Three regional workcamps are already announced in the Paracin region in Serbia. We need your support for organizing more relief workcamps and help the evacuated families to go back to their homes. SCI Switzerland will keep you updated about the progress of the projects and the possibilities to join a cleaning voluntary workcamp.

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